Bypass iCloud Activation and Lock

Find my iPhone has the feature “Activation Lock” that has been precisely developed as a safeguard for your iOS device and Apple Watch. Once this activation lock is enabled, it does not let anyone else use your device. You must enter your Apple ID and passwords to reactivate your device, erase your contents or turn off Find My iPhone feature.

Bought a used phone

Now, what do you do if you find a lost iPhone or you purchase a used iOS device online and find that the Find My iPhone is enabled on the device? These are cases, where you need to know how to bypass the lock on the iCloud activation. Supposedly this works on an iPad or iPhone.

3rd Party bypass lock tool

iCloud activation unlocking on your iOS device is rather complex – so you can get through it with the help of a 3rd party lock tool to Bypass iCloud Activation.

But try these steps first.

Steps to Bypass iCloud Activation lock

  1. First, in the WIFI settings, change the DNS server as 109.17.60 or use other IP address.
  2. Now take the locked iDevice and move to the very last step inactivation step where you find the ‘Activation Help’ choice, click this. This is going to boot you through the Apple site. Now you have these options watching videos, playing games, internet, etc.

Steps to Totally Bypass iCloud Activation

  1. Move over the ‘Applications’ option and tap on the ‘Crash Test 1’. This is going to reprise your stuff.
  2. Move over the WIFI settings and hit the ‘I’ and chose ‘Manual’ option over the ‘http proxy’ zone.
  3. Now list 30 different emoji icons to the ‘Server’ and then type ‘8888’ over the Port space.
  4. Now hit ‘back’ and then ‘next’ and move over the slide to unlock. Then hit the language options. Do not simply click; rather click with some effort for some minutes so that it can be booted over the display.
  5. As the home screen becomes available, you can now open three options, ‘Phone’, ‘Newsstand’ and ‘Facetime’
  6. It is here that it should be mention that now once again you must again put more effort by holding Power and Home button every time you open an application to restart the product and facilitate the process.
  7. Now go through Facetime where you can have the mail of the last user to whom you can contact through mail and inquire whether the device is taken off the iCloud. If you don’t find the mail, then go on with the iCloud bypass process and go through the application on the iPhone to find the contact number of the concerned person.