Business Gifts for Your Choice

In 2019, the business gift is marked above all by usability, utility, and technology. An important communication medium to convey a brand image and reinforce links, the corporate promotional gift is meant to be more relevant and meaningful this year.

The Emphasis on Products from Gastronomy and Oenology

Always favored by companies, gourmet products and wines (champagnes, wines, and spirits) top the list but with this year, a novelty since it is the gastronomy that takes first place in front of the wines. But in itself, no matter who gets the first place, the company gift wants to be a creator of sharing, of a festive and gourmet moment. In short, giving a bottle of champagne or gift box gastronomy remains a classic present but still pleasing.

Join the Useful to the Pleasant

The other two types of customer gifts or gifts for employees chosen by companies are office accessories (pens, diaries.) and fashion accessories/leather goods/luggage. A useful, practical and functional kit for the office or business trips in particular. These two categories of choice have remained constant for several years.

A High Tech that is Gaining Ground

The category that comes in 5th place in this ranking is high tech (sound and image). A category of gifts that has been growing steadily in recent years. The desire to own a sophisticated and trendy high-tech object such as a state-of-the-art television, a powerful camera to immortalize its most beautiful memories, an audio device that allows you to listen to your favorite music with high-quality sound.

Reward with a Business Gift

The 2018 corporate gift is also characterized by the search for a gift that is of quality and in front of the price and the originality. The essential for the company that offers is to transmit a positive message, a “thank you” significant to its interlocutors. Boost your image while satisfying the person or people you want to gratify. You might gift personalized umbrellas by contacting an umbrella supplier.

Satisfy Customers and Employees

To please the customers as well as the collaborators or business partners, it is ideal to play the multi-thematic gift card that brings together all the trends in its large selection of gifts from famous brands and weekends and activities. A gift box gives the freedom to choose the gift recipient from a varied and attractive collection of gifts. In short, it is leaving the desire to each person (woman or man) to have fun. So high tech, decoration, weekend, well-being, or a jewel or a leather goods accessory, all possibilities are there.