Are You Sure You Want to Hide WP Admin Bar?

When we speak about WordPress, we understand that this tool offers various rights to people with different competencies, tasks, and goals. Not everybody is expected to adjust settings and interfere in the administration section. Though, the access to it a is open to users a priori. What should you, do with that wp-admin bar, hide? Or perhaps there are options restricting some features still leaving the others available.

What About That Bar?

WordPress contains a toolbar which appears automatically, on a screen being placed right at the top of a page. All that you are expected to do in order to get access to its features is to log in. This bar never vanishes. Whatever your view, it is still there as a part of the design. You can forget about it or on the contrary, you can be annoyed or distracted by such a detail.

This being so, does not live with it! Just disable the bar and enjoy applying WordPress. You can get several results. Hiding admin toolbar for the users you still make it visible for an admin. It is vital as someone should manage all those things like adding some functionality to it or removing those functions which are not in demand. But a total removal is not the best solution sometimes. You can just hide some elements until they are in need.

How to Do It?

In fact, there are several ways to take away an admin bar from your site.

  • Well, you can easily do it in WordPress settings. In order to disable this toolbar for a profile, you should go to your profile in a dashboard and choose a needed command.

  • There is also a code which enables this bar.

  • And of course, you can use plugins. There are numbers of them but the simplest and most efficient one seems to be the Hide Admin Bar. You should change nothing in it, just install and activate. In the flicker of a second, you will not see a toolbar anymore. The other plugins will be required if you want to hide it from a particular group of users with different roles. Take the Admin Bar Disabler plugin. After its activation, you are expected to choose the task you want to be performed.

Now you know that this annoying wp-admin bar can be easily dealt with. There is nothing impossible and difficult in it. We recommend using the method with plugins as far as it is much faster and easier and still you are offered more options being able to arrange the situation at your advantage. Do not forget that you have choices to make. You are free to hide the WordPress Toolbar completely or just for some categories of users, remove the selected elements from it and even add your own links.