5 Easy to Execute Web Design Tips for Conversion Driven Businesses

This post is contributed by Kenneth Sytian – founder of Sytian Productions, a leader in web design in the Philippines. His no-nonsense approach to web design coupled with his vast creativity is a winning combination for his clients. He has been working in the industry for almost a decade now

Is your business conversion-driven? This refers to businesses that heavily invested in the leads that their website can get such as purchases, reservations, bookings, and more. Generating and driving leads is one thing, and converting them to actual sales, is something else.

If you’re keen on boosting your conversion rate, your web design has its role to play – and an important one at that. To best maximize your conversion through your site’s design, here are easy-to-do tips for you:

1. Be Clear on What You Are Selling

One of the most important aspects of your web design that you should ensure is that it should be clear to your customers what you are selling. It’s not just about having a visible product gallery, but also making your unique selling proposition evident in your design.

Your unique selling proposition is what differentiates your business from all others. And that’s exactly what you’re supposed to sell – a unique service experience that sets you apart from other providers.

2. Website Navigation Should Be Simple and Understandable

Your website should also have a simple user interface with a straightforward navigation design. Going around your website should be plain and simple, and void of any complication.

If your website is difficult to navigate, your visitors will find it stressful and would less likely complete a sale. So make it a point that you simplify your site’s navigation scheme. Aim to lessen the number of clicks that your visitors would need to make to be able to buy.

3. Perfect Your Call-To-Action

Making use of call-to-action is a strategy that encourages your visitors to make a specific action such as to sign-up or to buy. You would, however, need to strategize your call-to-action because it wouldn’t work otherwise.

Some of the things you should do is to make use of buttons that will stand out from the rest of the site’s design elements. Use a contrasting color to ensure that the CTA button is emphasized.

Positioning your CTA button is also essential. It is usually best to put in the middle. But practice your judgment if your case would be better if you place it elsewhere depending on your content and site objects.

Please be mindful that you shouldn’t overdo your call-to-action and bombard your pages. Try to limit your CTA to just one button per page in as much as you can. Overdoing your CTA would do more harm than good. There are cases that would merit two or three CTA buttons but this should be done when the situation demands it.

4. Limit Form Boxes that has to be Filled

Some businesses require too much information from potential customers and a lot find this very troublesome. It doesn’t matter whether it’s done through a single long form or multiple pages of short forms, but requires too much information no matter how it is done is truly inconvenient.

It is therefore very important that when you plan your site’s design, ensure that you don’t implement such a stringent process of signing up and completing an order. In all ways possible, try to limit user input.

One way to do this is to implement social log-in. This way, your users will find it easier to sign up on your site.

You should require only the most important details when completing an order. The address should be remembered and that even payment details based on previous transactions or based on what is set on the user’s profile.

Again, do all you can to make doing business with your site an easy thing to do. Do so from signing up to making a purchase.

5. Color Coordination is Very Important

Finally, make sure that you have the power of color on your side. Color is very important when it comes to web design. Ensure that you use colors that are easy on the eye, and that you are consistent with the colors all throughout your site.

Many believe in the psychology of colors. Some colors are said to influence certain actions and behaviors. But no matter if you believe or not, what you should do at the very least is practicing consistency.

Choose a color that you believe best represents your business’ personality. It is ideal to come up with your standard color scheme and that you stick with it. Not only is being consistent in color a good sight, it’s also an indication that you are consistent in the quality of your products and your service. So again, put the power of color on your side.

In Summary

Web design plays an indispensable role in boosting a business’ conversion rates. If your business thrives on your level of conversion, then you should really give your design the attention and the effort it deserves.

Our tips above are some of the easiest and most straightforward ways to help you boost your conversion rates by improving your site’s design. Follow them and it will surely help you achieve the results you’re looking at. Again, your site design is integral to your business’ success. So improve it and improve your conversion too.