4 Proven, Easy Ways in Improving SEO Ranking

Getting your website ranked on the first page of Google can be extremely difficult if you are not using the latest search engine optimization strategies. If you fail to use them, the search engines will give your site a poor ranking. Let’s take a close look at four easy ways of improving your SEO Ranking.

1. Start Blogging

It may be hard for you to believe, but blogging can help your website rank for competitive keywords. It’s also critical to point out that blogging can help you get fresh leads.

Your audience is looking for fresh content related to your business niche. It’s your responsibility to offer content that will help them solve their problems or fulfill their needs. You can do this with ease by making a minimum of two informative blog posts per week.

2. Get Reciprocal Links from Authority Sites

Authority sites get favorable treatment from the search engines. You will see them on the first page of popular search engines. Fortunately, this can work in your favor. If you get reciprocal links from authority sites in your niche, your website or blog will get a huge boost in the rankings. This is the main reason why many search engine specialists target authority sites for their clients. They know that getting links from Authority sites is one powerful way to get organic traffic.

How do you get reciprocal links from authority sites? Simply contact the site owner and ask for a link. However, you may be successful if your site does not have quality content. Make sure your site is filled with quality content before using this strategy.

3. Improve Your Page Loading Speed

Many people are unaware that page loading speed plays a huge role in search engine optimization. If your page speed is low, the search engines will detect this and give your site a poor ranking.

You will have a very hard time with establishing a relationship with your prospects if it takes a long time for your site to load up. They will get frustrated and venture off to your competitor’s site. Studies show that Google looks for sites that are able to engage their visitors. In short, low interaction between your website and visitors will not help your rankings.

Getting a quality hosting company to host your site will improve your page loading speed. MangoMatter is your best option if you want to work with a hosting company that offers fast loading features for websites. This is the best Australian web hosting firm around today.

4. Use Header Tags to Break Up Your Content

Header tags will make it easier for your visitors to see and digest your site’s content. As we stated earlier, it’s critical that your visitors stay on your page for a long period of time. If they don’t, your site will slide in the rankings. Can you imagine how tough it would be if your site was listed on page 20 for your main keyword?

Search engine optimization is the best way to get free organic traffic to your site. Taking heed to the four tips listed above will help improve your SEO ranking. You will be in a perfect position to sell your goods or services to your audience.