4 Ignored Social Media Tactics that can Boost Conversation Rates

As human beings, we have all engaged ourselves in daily routines that make life appear auto-piloted. For example, a woman may get accustomed to their daily routine of washing their hair. However, do you ever stop and think what would happen when you use something different from what you are used to? For example, how about you use a different or no hair conditioner to make the result more appealing? If you fail to think outside the box, you will always go down the same road and may never make any new improvements.

This is the same logic you are likely to apply in different social media strategies. You may be tempted to use the previous strategies that worked well for you. However, you will always get the same results. Have you ever considered that old fashioned tactic that may be used to boost your conversation rates? Let’s dive into some of these tactics.

1. Apply emotional cues on your headlines

We have all found ourselves keying in words on search engines. As bloggers, we may struggle to find headlines for our posts to catch the people’s attention. However, specific tactics could be used to increase conversion rates.

  • Use the ‘How to’ phrase.
  • For the questions, use the ‘what, how, when or how’ to start your heading.
  • If you plan to list down several items, you could numerical values to start your sentence; for example, ‘6 reasons why…’

The main reason for using such terms is getting directly to the point. Some of these headings are written from a customer’s perspective hence they will likely resonate with it. In most instances, they will get more convinced to read the post. Key phrases are very crucial.

2. Play nice on social media

The critical answer in this is the account that you would wish to follow.  What do you look for when you choose to follow someone? One of them is participation. We all want someone to be present through active participation. This can be enhanced through tagging or mentioning people whom you’d love to share the insights with.

The second way is curating content. In social media, enjoy sharing other people’s content especially if it may be helpful to your clients. Some people may love your page since you give them links to beneficial pages. In the end, you get brownie points out of your posts and help other people prosper too.

3. Give people the benefits of purchasing your products

People assume that the name of your business speaks for itself. However, you fail to convince people why they need to buy your things and not your competitors’. By informing customers on the benefits, you will be increasing the conversation rates since there will be a lot of queries from potential clients. You could opt for the Facebook ad campaign to create a buzz around your brand.

4. Making use of tangible action verbs

In social media, always use words that call to action. Make use of language that entertains visitors to take a different direction. An example is ‘grab yours today,’ ‘pay your ticket now to…’.


Always remember that whatever works for your competitor does not work for you. This means that you have to keep testing to find out what works for you. You may not apply all the tactics due to different reasons. However, find the best for your business. The ignored tip may be your savior in the long run.