Top 10 Reasons to Choose Magento


Fast-growing online businesses recognized Magento as the best software for e-commerce. So it is hardly surprising that the fourth parts of all e-commerce sites all over the world are based on a Magento platform.

Today e-commerce is at the heart of the digital era and its` long-lasting growth trend makes companies cope with that in order to stay relevant. Magento platform is the best tool for that because it provides a stable and reliable base for both consumer-focused ecommerce stores and business-to-business websites. Offering powerful & flexible features, Magento’s intelligible administration interface provides advanced marketing; search engine optimisation and catalogue-management tools to control the look; content and functionality of every retailer’s unique e-commmerce website.

Let`s look through main Magento features in more detail.

The first feature is platform simplicity. You shouldn’t be a genius to navigate Magento platform. Website owners can go without Magento developers` assistance. Everyone can update, edit, publish and manage the content of their websites easily by themselves. Thus, owners can save a lot of time and canalize their energies on the expansion of website content.

 Flexibility provides the possibility to tune Magento the way you need it to be. The platform is extremely versatile to adapt to your individual requirements, budget and the size of business so you can enhance functionality on an individual basis by installing or creating special adds and plugs. These could be payment gateways, marketing automation, shipping providers and tag management tools.

With Magento your online customers always feel safe when buying online due to the SSL security implementing and a dedicated IP. Magento Enterprise edition includes Secure Settlement Bridge. It provides PCI Data Security Requirement (PCI PA-DSS) ensuring it is protected for repayment handling along with delicate customer information.

What is more, the usage of Magento is easy for customers. Except that products are easily displaced and searching process is pretty simple, customers can also view many images per product and its reviews, up-sell and cross-sell, and can use image zooming capability. All that gives a great buying experience for your customers.

Mobile platform can play a huge role to engage your customers to your store. There are many mobile applications for Magento that provides the possibility for mobile commerce. So your customers can easily make purchases online through different devices and web browsers.

Magento also includes the function of browsing your website in different languages so people all over the world are able to manage their searching, shipping and ordering.

It is not a secret that gaining a return on investment is one of the main goals for businesses. So one of the best ways for that is gaining traffic over search engines. Magento helps with Search Engine Optimization by providing the possibility to create URLs, descriptions and tags including corresponding keywords. Powerful Magento tools for conversion optimisation are also at customer`s disposal.

As for analytics and reporting, Magento also provides the possibility to consolidate with Google Checkout, Base and Analitycs for efficient monitoring of your online customers. As you see, the platform provides a great deal of flexibility with an ever-growing range of extensions to extend its core functionality. Empower your business with Magento framework system and get the maximum out of your online store right now.

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