Selfie Hitch

Hitching a trailer on your own can be annoying, stressful, and overall rather difficult. No one likes hitching a trailer, let alone doing it on their own. What if there was a much simpler way to do it though? A way that doesn’t take hours to set up and a lot of frustration? Now, there is.

The Selfie Hitch is a new and innovative creation meant for simplifying the act of hitching a trailer. Not only does it help to make everything much simpler overall, but it also makes hitching a trailer by yourself so much easier. It’s the only product of it’s kind, you won’t be able to find anything else like this.

You’re probably wondering about what makes the Selfie Hitch such a great product and how exactly it makes hitching a trailer alone so much easier. It works with just a few simple steps, and the first time you set it up it only takes five minutes. Five minutes then turns into less than one for every time after that.

Setting up the Selfie Hitch is simple. All you need to do is measure the distance between your back tire and the trailer ball with the included measurement rods. There’s no math that you need to do or any complicated setup. You then set up the rods so that the ball end matches up with the trailer coupler and the wheel end sets the stopping point for the rear wheels.

With that, you use the bright yellow guides for backing up, and the vehicle will be stopped by a sturdy wheel chock as soon as the ball is under the coupler. This makes the whole process of hitching a trailer ten times easier than the trail and error process that we all use.

This system isn’t just easy to use though. It ensures a perfect alignment every single time. You’re not going to have to try time after time to hitch your trailer. You won’t even have to take five minutes each time to set it up. After the first setup, it only takes less than a minute to set it up the next time.

Whether you’re transporting something, going to work, or even heading on vacation, the Selfie Hitch makes life so much easier. You can unhitch your trailer without worrying about hitching it once again afterward. It’s a great invention for anyone who has a constant struggle of trying to hitch their trailer.

If you’re looking for more information on the Selfie Hitch, you can read more about it on the Kickstarter page here. The project is currently being crowd-funded, so if you’d like to get your hands on a Selfie Hitch as soon as they’re available, then you can make a donation and get yours!