Self Direction Software for Medical Care of People with Disabilities

There are several types of self-direction software with the product of considered to be one of the best.

Another self-direction

The self direction software is a system of medical care for People who have Developmental Disabilities which gives them or their caretakers or representative control over the services they receive as well as the support they need. Unlike the traditional systems, “self-direction” software uses a person-centered planning process and gives the individuals the ability to control the services the patient gets and how these services are to be received including who is providing them.

Difference between this and Medicare

There are some big differences with this self-direction software especially when compared with the Medicare system. Under the traditional system, caregivers are hired or recruited by an agency with the individual having no overview of the process of hiring or who is hired. What this means is that the agency supplied caregiver must be accepted whether you know or trust the person or not. As well, it is not unusual for agency selected caregivers to be unattainable due to shortages.


Now with self-direction, you can pick the caregivers. It can be either a professional or merely a trusted next-door neighbor or a loved one. This self-directed care as well allows you to pick any backup caregivers for those situations when the main caregiver is not available.

Choosing the services

In a traditional system, individuals have little to no say over the types of services they get. This is determined completely by the case managers. The situation with self-directed service is different. With this service, an individual can work out any necessary details for the needs of the services with the help of the case manager. This is allowing you to take into consideration any special needs or challenges for the individual when choosing the health care services to be received.

Self direction software

So self-direction software is a must for any person who is under Medicare and has special needs that Medicare might not be able to handle efficiently the care for those with disabilities.