Is it possible to compress flower clipart for your website?

Yes, it is possible. With the high-quality flower clipart, you can compress or expand the image as per your needs. You need high-resolution and these images are standard. These images are of high-quality and never lose their pixels after expansion. Some other facts are given below.

Lossy Vs Lossless Compression

It is possible with the quality of clipart images. Some users use an image format that uses lossless compression. For several sorts of images, the lossless compression is advised but for several other types, it is not suitable. First of all, it is better to know what lossless image compression is. It means the entire information from the original files will be preserved.

On the other hand, lossy compression deletes some information from original files and save the images with the decreased file sizes. As the designer, it is your decision, how much information to ignore after setting the rate of the image compression.

Image: flower

Selection of format of the file

For images or photos with gradients where GIF is unsuitable, the JPEG is the best option. For photos, it works in a better way with a subtle shift in colors without having sharp contrast. It gives a good quality result by adjusting the compression level of your photo. You can get good results in image quality and maintain a smaller size of the file.

Now, for the image with high-contrasts, such as illustrations or photos with several contrasts or gradients, the PNG format is the most suitable. For a transparent image, it is the ultimate option. PNG file is lossless.

Which file works best for images?


  • Simple graphics and Line drawings
  • If you need an animation


  • Screenshots of games and movies or similar content
  • Without a high-contrast Photos


  • Alpha Channel transparency
  • Photos with high contrast
  • Illustrations and Line art
  • Detailed diagrams, Application screenshot

Which format to avoid?


  • Photos
  • Image with gradients


  • Simple graphics
  • Diagrams and detailed images


  • Photos with low contrast

Print design and Image Compression

For print design, a designer should avoid lossy image compression. The print graphic is less forgiving low image quality and articrafting as compared to the on-screen graphic. On your monitor, a JPEG of medium quality may look fine but after a print, it does not look appropriate. You will not get an appropriate result even on the inkjet printers. Always prefer lossless compression, for print design.