Elliptical Curve Cryptography (ECC) is essential for data security in the world today

This age is the age of technology and the internet. More people feel comfortable using the internet for conducting their daily activities. These activities include purchasing essentials online, doing banking and transferring money online, etc. Such events need an exchange of information on a large scale. You might have some of the latest security measures on your phone. However, do you have an idea as to what happens to the data once it is on your mobile phone? This data is susceptible to theft at any point during its journey. An easy way to overcome this risk is to use phone encryption.

What is the concept of encrypted communication? How does it work? Does it guarantee the safety of your messages and data? Questions such as these can arise in your mind at any time. We shall attempt to solve these queries to the best of your satisfaction.

The term ‘encrypting’ refers to the encoding of your messages using a unique code. Hence, your word travels in a coded language. The recipient can decode the signal using some security code supplied by you. Infiltrators would now find it difficult to intercept the message in transit. Even if they do it, it cannot be of any use to them without the knowledge of the security code. It is how the defense establishments and the armies pass on their messages.

The universal cryptography program in use today is the PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) software. Today, you find most of the Blackberry phones having the PGP Blackberry Secure Email Encryption program working in the background. This software program, though excellent and popular, has its drawbacks. Hackers can quickly gain access to the messages thereby putting the users at great risk today.

There is the great usage of the internet and the smartphones today. The information shared between two phones is of a compassionate nature many a time. This PGP software program cannot address all the pressing issues of security. Hence, there is a requirement to have a stronger software program to keep the hackers at bay. One such program is the Elliptical Curve Cryptography (ECC) method.

Using this program, one can secure all the vital data at a safe location in an independent partition on your smartphone itself. You have to pass through three layers of security to access this data. It makes the security measure as one of the strongest and watertight ones available in the market today. The systems come with embedded encryption keys that even SkyECC cannot access. You get such high security with these phones.

Developed by Global Secured and marketed by Sky ECC, the ECC is a powerful cryptography method formulated using the most complicated mathematical elliptical curves. It is the latest technology in use today. Despite its complex structure, this system is elementary to use. It is the hallmark of the security system. You have several handy features for providing fast and dependable encryption for your messages, instant or otherwise. You have the facility of securing attachments such as photos, files, voice, and text memos as well. Encrypting contact details and group chats is also easy using this software. These features make this program a sophisticated one.