The Old Version Are Still Loved By Players

The online gaming industry publishes a new version of games almost every day, so mostly overlooks and ignores history. Particularly multiplayer are more intricate.  The infrastructure and mechanism of the online gaming industry is not as simple as a personal computer OS. The tools required to make those games seamless and perfect are kept behind the eyes and knowledge of players. But Jagex is very conscious about its roots its lineage and continue to nurture it. The new content and updates published by the company are primarily based on the feedback of players, obtained from social media like Twitter, Reddit, and RuneScape forums.

The players wanted more

In the middle of 2020, people still play an online game, that was launched in January 2001. In spite of rapid technological advancement, and so many of new versions of online games, it leaves one baffled what allures players to play this game even today. When the game of RuneScape was published it made the MMORPGs established and popular. The free to play the part of the game allowed player half of the game with available skill. Every player of this world will like to play such an alluring game eternally. The graphics were standard, at the time of launching, the gameplay was cyclic, but the gripping loop was good.

But the hunger for more was unfilled at the free to play domain of the game. Most players were willing to pay a small fee actually $5 per month to unleash the full potential, to access more area, skill, monsters, and items. This strategy is very common in multiplayer games and worked very effectively, and wonderfully to keep RuneScape soaring with an affordable fee which the young audience can bear easily. For the next one year, the setup remains unchanged.

New astounding games like War of Warcraft were launched, but players still played RuneScape because the company remained true to their roots. Updates were based on the players’ requests, and new content is added. In 2013 the new version of RuneScape 3 was launched and the scenario was completely changed. You can know more about the game logging into

The Mobile version of Old School RuneScape was launched in October of 2018. In the preceding ten months, the app was downloaded 5 million times. This mobile version of this game made this game more popular, which is very similar to the PC version in 2007. But somehow this game remains enjoyable to millions even today.