Visit the New York City Complex of Virtual Reality for New Entertainment

Escape Vitality in New York City is the new complex for Virtual Reality entertainment. This offers selected experiences that you are encouraged to come to experience yourself.

Immersive technologies

2018 into 2019 has been an extraordinary year for this type of immersive technologies that includes the entire spectrum of Virtual, Augments and mixed Reality. There have been substantial cases that have emerged for VR, AR, and MR across Industry, education, retail, and training as well as the increased acceptance of this as a form of entertainment. For example, the Raindance Film Festival received approximately 600 VR submissions including the first feature-length feature in this format. There is little doubt that this is a type of medium that is growing up fast.

Escape rooms

These NYC escape games have become the new form of entertainment. The largest and most significant way to developing customer Escape Rooms and for it to truly be great it needs to revolve around the narrative, and video content is the best way to help in delivering compelling narrative as well as visuals.

It begins

To start in the beginning is to select from a list of talent for acting or have some other company who specializes in acting talent locate ones that match your needs. From there, you work within a parameter with you and your team to set up to create the custom escape room videos. Scripts, costumes, makeup, set and VFX are all areas to focus on.

New careers

But this is not the only thing that is new – these Escape Rooms can offer exciting careers as these Escape Adventures are always looking for staff members to fill associate positions, assist with day to day operation of the facility as well as being actors playing in the games. The more this entertainment grows the more jobs this is going to bring to the economy.