Android app development exists as a platform that has nurtured considerably in the past decade. The platform is marked as one of the most accessible platforms for new developers. With the availability of cheap tools and techniques, a plethora of resources available on the web, a friendly community, and well-known programming language, carrying out robust android app development has never been this easier and accessible. Having said that, even expert developers make mistakes that can ruin the entire app. Let’s have a look at some of the common mistakes that many developers make over and over again to avoid them and make your app development process seamless.

  • Not reading the documentation provided by Android

For every new and old developer, the Android developer website is there for your rescue. The majority part of the document can be downloaded and is also available online. The document includes many guides, videos, tutorials, training, and other helpful resources to help you create powerful android apps.

  • Making a clone app

It does sound easy to copy the source code from an iOS app and deploy it in your android app development. It might tend to solve multiple issues related to app design and features. In reality, it will only increase the problems. Both the platforms i.e. Apple and Android are different when it comes to features and compatibility. To make sure that the users enjoy a smooth experience, you must never design your android app like an iOS app.

  • Not checking the compatibility of the app

The mistake that a majority of Android developers make is that they idealize a single Android device and develop the app according to that. Android is a versatile platform that is used on a number of different devices. Ensure that you make the mobile app responsive so that the audience faces no trouble in accessing your app.

  • Not using fragments

It marks as one of the gravest mistakes to not use fragments. Fragments are used in the context of the behavior of the user interface as a result of a certain activity. If you tend to ignore the fragments in your android app development, then your users will lose interest in the app in a blink.

  • Not leveraging intents

One of Android’s key elements, intents are a way of passing data between different aspects of the app or in some cases, different apps on a particular system.

  • Blocking the main thread

The main thread has one main purpose i.e. to keep the user experience responsive and robust. This implies that the user’s main actions will witness a delayed response and the app you have programmed will stop responding.


Android marks as a powerful and strong platform that revolutionizes quickly. It is not wise to expect users to keep up with the tech pace, but it is crucial that the developers stay updated with the trends to create stellar Android apps that excel. As a developer, avoid the above-mentioned mistakes to be able to create smooth and responsive apps.