How to get better at FPS gaming

So you like to play fps (first person shooter) games and you want to know how you can get better at it?

Well, in this guide I’ve bought you seven different methods which you can implement to get better at FPS gaming in no time!

So without further ado, lets jump straight right into it.

1. Practice long hours of FPS gaming

I know this is a common tip, but you simply have to practice playing FPS games. Without practice, you simply can’t get better at it.

And it can totally vary how long it takes based on how difficult your game is, so as the old proverb says it every time, “practice makes perfect”.

If you want to become a professional gamer, well, then you might consider gaming around twelve to fourteen hours a day! Which is pretty bad for your health

2. Stop Panicking

You need to keep yourself calm. This is pretty common with newbies where they are new to FPS gaming and they simply can’t keep themselves neutral.

If you don’t keep yourself calm, you won’t get your accuracy and eventually miss the target every time.

Take your time and be cautious every time. And make decisions wisely, even if your decision is wrong, you will get used to them. Be extremely careful when to reload your weapon or to shoot.

3. Know your preferred DPI

Know your preferred Mouse DPI (Also known as mouse sensitivity). If you know your preferred mouse DPI and practice long hours with it, you are gonna build up muscle memory.

So, therefore you are going to know how much you have to move your mouse to get the perfect shot.

Thus, giving you better accuracy and an easier kill.

Practice getting better at FPS gaming

4. Do not sprint every time

This happens pretty often where players use to sprint throughout the entire gameplay. Like many first shooter games like Call of duty or Battlefield.

Do not press the sprint button pretty often, because every time you sprint, it is an opportunity for the opponent to get a free kill as you are sprinting.

Remember to keep your gun up every time you are taking small destinations and do not sprint. The only sprint when you have to go to a specific destination and your surroundings are a bit secure.

5. Do not go for revenge

Many gamers get frustrated once they get killed in a specific spot and they go back to the same spot to get revenge. And typically they end up getting killed again.

This is because if your opponent could kill you the earlier time, then he or she can do it again.

Because experienced fps gamers know that you might come back to the same spot to get a revenge kill. And they are going to use the same tactics to bait you and get another kill.

6. Do not go directly towards your enemy

This happens quite often when gamers go one on one in a straight line against another experienced player to get a kill.

Because you only need a few shots sometimes to get yourself killed. And the opponent might have better accuracy than you.

So always try considering moving left or right constantly instead of going in a straight line.

7. Aim before shooting if possible

If you aim, it gives you better accuracy. And in FPS gaming, this is key.

Also if you pre-aim in advance, you will get a good idea on from where your opponents are coming from.

You can get yourself ready and shoot them instantly before they shoot you. And shooting your opponent with pre-aim is much much easier as well.


Getting good at FPS gaming will surely take you some time. But as long as you are consonant you will get better.

Do comment down below which was your favorite tip. And if you have any queries regarding FPS gaming, feel free to comment down below.