What Is Moisture Content And Why Is It Essential To Measure It?

Moisture content is essential in the manufacturing processes and quality assurance. Moisture content can affect the taste, weight, texture, and shelf life of the food items. Substances that are too dry may impact the consistency of the end product.

How to measure moisture content?

The moisture content of the dairy products can be readily determined on the instrument designated for it. The microwave analyzers and infrared moisture and fat analyzers have been designed specifically to eliminate recalibrations, result drifting and other complications. The device does not release any harsh chemicals into the foodstuffs. Moreover, it can detect adulterants. You can measure the moisture content in sour cream, yogurt, whey powder, whey protein concentrate, butter, cheese, cream and other dairy products.

The need for servicing equipment

On-Site PM and calibration service for microwave moisture analyzers should be scheduled regularly for checking microwave leakage, calibrating balance module, examining electronic boards and tightening connectors, conducting temperature verification tests, standard solution verification tests, wattage tests and balance drift test.

Why should you use microwave moisture analyzer?

The microwave moisture analyzer can work on both dry and wet food. Moreover, it provides a lot of safety when compared to other furnaces for measurement. These analyzers can enable you to test the foodstuffs without undergoing any specific training.

The dual-frequency drying process combines the microwave and infrared energy to process the foodstuffs. The low-frequency microwaves are absorbed in the sample and remove volatiles through dipole rotation. The high-frequency infrared energy heats the surface and thus eliminates non-polar components using molecular vibration.

It shall help you to tackle the problems of burning and incomplete drying, which were the two primary problems with the single frequency based Moisture Analyzers. The latest Moisture analyzers have enabled faster drying for all types of samples than the traditional systems. They can analyze the amount of moisture and solids in a product with accuracy.