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What is SSL

When it comes to online business the most important thing is the ability to connect with potential customers and guarantee them that their security is paramount. The environment should be Safe and allow buyers to feel safe when making purchases. SSL certificates are used to provide visitors with a secure connection by using visual cues, like a lock icon or a green bar.

How SSL works

SSL is designed in a sophisticated way such that when a browser tries to access a secured website, the browser and web server establish an SSL connection through the commonly known ‘SSL handshake process.’ This activity happens invisibly, and the user barely realizes it is taking place. Public, private and session keys are used in setting up an SSL connection. If there is a need to decrypt something the process is not complicated. For decryption, private keys are used to decrypt things that have been encrypted with public keys.

How to identify an SSL secured website

SSL works almost unrecognizable by the end user. There is minimal interaction when establishing a secure connection and one hardly realizes what goes on behind their browser. So how do you know if a website is SSL secured? It is simple, if a site displays a padlock on the address bar or if the URL is HTTPS rather than HTTP.

Reasons for using SSL

Whether you are planning on developing a news site, corporate site or any site that does not require high profile security, a secured connection is very vital. Here are a few reasons for using SSL;

Protects user’s privacy- using HTTPS protects different players from knowing what a user is doing. It ensures that one maintains his responsibility without getting exposed.

It protects the users brand- working with encrypted content is very secure, and it ensures that no information is tampered with by anyone. Sometimes you may post something on your website, and if it’s not secured, someone may corrupt it by changing the product page to one that is not legit. To ensure this doesn’t happen and users have access to the real product it’s good to use HTTPS.

Leads to higher search engine ranking- Google uses HTTPS in its ranking. A website that makes use of encryption guarantees privacy of its users and gets ranked better than one that doesn’t.

Protects revenue- there are many wifi proxies out there, and some put adverts on your website if it’s not encrypted. People are always hijacking sites to inject their ads, and the only way to make sure this does not happen is by using a secure connection.

How to acquire SSL

If you are looking forward to adopting SSL for your website the first step is by purchasing an SSL Certificate. After the purchase, you are good to go to encrypting your site for optimal privacy.

No matter what activity you are doing online, there is always the desire to maintain a secure connection so that you don’t feel like someone is watching you. Also, with the privacy, you are more comfortable and not scared of your activities getting interrupted or tampered with by criminals. SSL ensures that your website’s confidentiality is maintained all through.

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