Enhanced workforce management effectiveness with Field Service Software

Field service management software is the key that unlocks the ability to deliver superior customer service. Field service software is a mobile workforce management enabling solution that gives business of all sizes the ability to connect and be in synchronization with events that are happening on-site, no matter how distant the location is from your offices.

The product provides end-to-end mobile workforce management capabilities which will improve both service deliverability and production productivity. Using mobile connectivity to gather the data needed to improve field service operations, it puts the service engineers in control and allows you to monitor their activities, progress, estimates, and performance.

As a workforce field management solution, it delivers reports and provides a user dashboard which helps executives and managers to see which business areas are performing well, map capabilities to specific jobs, identify areas needing improvement, monitor day-to-day performance, and both schedule and monitor the movement of business assets. Ultimately, information about your entire business and customers is available at the push of a button.

Field service management software enables faster, and more accurate scheduling. Without it, making the right scheduling decisions takes large amounts of time and drains resources. Software schedulers act as a force multiplier. Co-ordinating staff and management have unprecedented work visibility and job insight, not just into present work, but into past jobs and towards future projects.

Service business operators will know that every time a technician is dispatched, it equates to considerable business expense. Field service software helps to reduce any requirement for multiple site visits by providing the field engineer with a complete customer work history, along with asset tracking and job documentation. Having eliminated stacks of paperwork, coordinating staff are able to monitor job status in real-time and enabling engineers and service technicians to access whatever they need using a mobile device.

The software also helps to increase employee and asset utilization by giving consideration to service regions, employee skills and capabilities, and job location. We call this whitespace elimination. Essentially it means less travel time, fewer vehicle dispatches, and higher first-time fix rates.

Operations managers have a responsibility to their employers that any business will gain maximum value from the dispatch of a vehicle and technician. Their role also factors-in the upkeep of quality standards, monitoring safety regulations, analyzing customer experiences and tracking revenue, all remotely through their field personnel.

Field service management software eases this responsibility. By empowering operations managers with effective tools to control their systems, they can streamline dispatches and therefore service more jobs per working day. Service order and inventory management capabilities provide accurate job and client information, ensuring that the correct parts and equipment needed to achieve a first-time fix rate remains high. Customer satisfaction will increase.