3 interesting ways to save money on mobile recharge

There are ways – at least 3 different ones – on getting back some of the money you invest on the prepaid phone recharge. Read on to know more.

As sophisticated as modern life and technology are, there are certain things that can render the most upscale tech completely useless. Like having a luxury car but not the means to regularly fill it with expensive fuel, so you drive only on the weekends. Or buying an expensive TV set but not having any time to watch even 30 minutes of your favorite show. Or the latest iPhone but no network services because you forgot to recharge the connection again.

Of these, the last is easily remedied. Recharging the prepaid connection is necessary if you want uninterrupted services. Most mobile service providers send an SMS alert informing you about the recharge date, or when your data has run low and you need to top it up. If your pack validity runs out and you still haven’t recharged the connection, then your outgoing calling and texting may be barred, while your network speeds will drop dramatically. Don’t worry – normal services are restored when you do the easy mobile recharge online. It just takes a little of your time and it guarantees uninterrupted services.

Did you know that apart from being really simple, online mobile recharge can actually help you save money? Consider the three ways in which this happens:

1. Using your mobile service provider’s e-wallet

Most leading mobile service providers today offer easy mobile recharge options today, and they also have their own digital wallet services. Digital wallets are a safe repository for your funds, and you can pay electronically to recharge your prepaid phone or DTH connection, pay postpaid or broadband bills, etc. A leading provider like Airtel has developed the revolutionary ‘Airtel Payments Bank’ which functions as an e-wallet as well as a savings bank account. It is the country’s first such e-wallet that also offers high savings deposit interest on the money lying idle in it. There are regular offers and incentives on doing the easy mobile recharge using the Airtel Payments Bank, and you also get savings account interest – it is another avenue of savings!

2. Availing of cashback services on a mobile recharge

Airtel prepaid subscribers also get another way to do the easy mobile recharge – via the cashback offers on recharging the connection. It’s easy enough to get the cashback – simply use my Airtel app to recharge your prepaid phone connection, and take a look at the incentives offered during this time. The cashback offers and discounts will appear on your phone screen, and you can tap on the ones that are beneficial to you. You can get the same offers even on recharging via the Airtel website (see the recharge packs being currently offered in the illustration below). Needless to say, this is a good avenue to save money on every mobile recharge – the money saved can go back into the next month’s pack.

3. Using third-party apps to recharge your prepaid connection

There are scores of third-party apps that are devised to do easy mobile recharges, for all mobile operators. All you have to do is enter the 10-digit prepaid phone number, the operator’s name and the city of your residence. After this, input the recharge amount and pay via debit/credit card, or net banking, or using the app’s wallet service (if they offer one). Third party easy mobile recharge apps incentivize the recharge and bill payment process by offering cashback on every recharge and bill paid. This saves a lot of money on the recharge.