3 Practical Techniques to help you Ensure Database Security

As the world moves towards digitalization, many businesses get connected with the internet to manage and record everything effectively. Many entrepreneurs and business owners started running their online businesses to grow the audience and generate leads more efficiently. However, one of the primary concerns of the 21st century’s business owner becomes database security & privacy. The internet and digital technology indeed make the world easy to live, but on the other side, it also makes it convenient for the third-party to access and leak data.

This is where many security features like SSL certificates, blockchain technology comes into action. From small to big enterprises started adopting security plugins, cloud networks, and best VPS hosting in Pakistan, UAE, and worldwide to ensure database security. However, many still lack in protecting the data due to a lack of practical techniques.

But in 2020, this article brings the most effective techniques that will help you to ensure database security effectively. So let’s explore to know further.

Top threats to Your Database Security

In this modern world, almost all organizations are using a database in one way or another. From collecting & tracking customers, financial, transaction records, and human resource records, much of the database’s information is sensitive. The data can be sold against the cash, which becomes the real threat to your database security. This is the reason hackers, and even some employees, can ruin your whole reputation by selling data.

Therefore, you need to be aware of your database security threats to cope with the issues more effectively. The top risks for database security are

  • Unencrypted Data
  • Default or Weak Passwords
  • SQL Injections
  • Broken Configuration Management
  • Denial of Service
  • Insecure hosting package

Apart from these threats, there are many more threats that can only be eliminated through practical techniques. Let’s follow the top methods to eliminate the risk of a data breach and enhance database security.

1. Choose The Reliable Hosting

The first step to ensure database security is to choose the reliable hosting that connects you with additional security features. The virtual private servers are currently the best option to get rid of any data breach. Therefore, before connecting with a hosting provider, ensure that it provides complete database security, apart from bandwidth and uptime guarantee.

2. Use Web Applications & Firewall

The traffic that accesses your data can sometimes become a real threat to your data security. Therefore, by using web applications and database firewalls, you can only allow traffic through the specific application or web server. The firewall enables you to protect the database from initiating the outbound connection unless there is any specific reason.

Therefore, you need to deploy web application firewalls to prevent SQL injection attacks that direct web applications to delete data present in the database. This is one of the best techniques to ensure database security.

3. Encrypt Data

Encrypting data is one of the standard practices in significant organizations to secure databases. However, many lack encrypting backup data that becomes the reason for a data breach. Therefore, you need to ensure that your backup data is encrypted and stored separately from the decryption key.  Also, to ensure database security, you need to encrypt confidential data and also ensure it is encrypted while in motion too.