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A Useful Google Maps Plugin for PHP Websites

If you’re a business owner, customers being able to find you. And, this is your responsibility to do the heavy lifting fort hem. Customers do not spend ever trying to work out your location. This article is about, of course, providing them with an interactive Google Map.

Before we discuss Google Maps PHP, it’s important to emphasize that Google Maps API comes equipped with embedding code which you can customize and paste in your posts or pages without using any plugins.

However, you will have to switch to the text editor to add it to posts or pages. This is where Google Maps plugin come in handy. Using a plugin will allow you to add locations, markers, directions, routes, etc. Your map will be interactive and more useful to the users. Additionally, you can do all these stuff without writing even a line of code.

DML Google Maps PHP Plugin is here

DML Google Maps PHP helps you to create web pages with Google Maps by yourself within just seconds. Its powerful functionality allows you to edit a text, pin new locations, add lines and polygons, customize settings and much more. Lets you add an unlimited number of markers to maps.

My favorite feature is it lets you create custom markers by combining 175 ready to use icons, 6 icon containers with any color. When visitors click on one of the markers, a small pop-up display additional information, plus an image, YouTube video, and link to the location.

To further, you can add colorful polygons and polylines to them, too. You can also add a number of different layers to your website, depending on your needs. This includes bicycle, traffic, transit, and weather layers. The plugin is super-easy to use, too, with maps added to any post/page using a supplied shortcode. In fact, you can have your first map configured and live in a matter of seconds!

It’s possible to have a look at the full list of features and also you can download this amazing plugin for a good price from Envato Market.