Obesity is the key factor for all injurious disorders. You cannot deny the diseases that are caused by obesity which is caused due to many reasons. Few people have obesity because it is inherited sometimes from gene to gene and sometimes it is due to the excess of fat that is stored in our body.

Millions of people in this world are dealing with this obesity disorder and they have no clue how badly they are going to suffer for this afterward. It is more important to stay fit for every individual. People have this thought in mind that the more they will eat the more weight they will gain. Well, here is a tip to this perspective that all your unhealthy eating habit will never make you get through obesity. If you wanted to eat then eat but make sure what you are eating is healthy and is useful for you. These days junk food is more into fashion and people are so not into eating all the healthy or balanced diet. You can now get your own trainer who can make your schedule for all your diet, search up for best fitness trainer app and it will help you get a fine trainer.


Over 2.8 million people all around the globe die due to obesity which is very common these days. Facts that undergo obesity are lifeless and so depressing. Obesity is the result of imbalance diet between calories consumes and calories expended. Technology has replaced many human functions and so the human effort turned low. Our diet places such a big role in our daily life, if we learn to eat healthy we will stay healthy and if we continue eating all the unhealthy stuff there is no solution but obesity will be our destiny.

Nobody is actually born with access to weight but with growing age, things turn off for few people and they face obesity.


WHO is the world’s largest organization for health and it has been organizing so many fitness camps and channelizing fitness awareness programs. People are so inspired and they are up for more health programs.

The fitness freak people have started the fitness campaign globally where they are taking it as a challenge for a couple of days and working accordingly. They have a team who is majorly focusing on fitness and toolkits to achieve their desired goal.  They mostly convey a basic message telling about the intakes should be healthy and so the exercise is very important for a productive day. They tell a few of the tips and exercise that can help you a lot and can protect you from obesity and various fat gaining diseases.

The new generation is ready for all the health and fitness idea. They are more into workouts and gym training sessions.  If you are also a fitness freak but you have time for the gym or workout you can look up to the best fitness apps which will guide you in the best way.