Top Emerging Trends in Android App Development

The Android platform is a unique one. It is stable in its growth and its user base, but the speed at which it adapts to market trends, or even creates new trends is absolutely staggering. Trends that were game changers in 2017 have now either been discarded or become stalwarts of the Android platform, with a completely different set of trends for the near future. There’s also a trickle-down effect of sorts, with other platforms scrambling to implement these new trends as well. This is creating a big demand to hire Android App Developers in India. There is also a growing demand for more functional apps as well, leading to a widespread interest in apps that can enhance one’s life in unique ways. The Android platform is a level playing field, allowing anyone to release their apps so long as they meet google’s not-so-strict guidelines.

So what are the emerging trends for the Android platform right now?

  • Enterprise Apps

    More and More Android App Development Company in India are leaning towards creating enterprise applications. These applications are now more in demand for large corporations as they can assist in keeping large teams organized and connected, and track targets while providing data analysis if necessary.

  • Fluid and Interactive UX

    A beautiful look and feel is expected of most applications these days, but a truly interactive and intuitive UI can help you set your app apart from the crowd. Making a UX that displays content according to user preferences can go a long way in ensuring your app’s success.

  • Android Gaming is coming into its own

    Many dedicated gaming Android smartphones are slated for release in 2018, with specialized hardware that developers can take full advantage of. Developers can now create immersive worlds and exciting adventures on the Android platform which was earlier mostly limited to simplistic gaming experiences barring a few exceptions.

  • Security

    In today’s security and data privacy conscious world, it is imperative to have in-built security structures in your platform, and thankfully Android is no exception. Google has taken notice of all the hacks happening worldwide and has started beefing up Androids underlying architecture.

  • Many possibilities with IoT

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has made a big impact on people’s daily lives. Lights, fans, automobiles are now internet capable and connected, playing a part in automating their owner’s lifestyle. The Android platform is expected to integrate more of IoT’s attributes into hardware and software to make it a bigger part of our lives.

The demand for Android App Development Company is reaching new heights, and the Android platform itself is growing in terms of market share and is now making a serious statement with upcoming trends. As with many earlier trends, some could get discarded but the ones mentioned above should play an important part in the Android platforms’ future and will influence how the world works by extension.