Five of the Best Affiliate Marketing Forums You Should Follow

In case you haven’t noticed more and more companies are taking advantage of the internet.  Whether they are just promoting their brick and mortar stores or going to a total online presence, affiliate training programs are becoming more prominent in the business world. Affiliate programs are giving rewards for directing the buying public to the company’s website.  What better way to earn money on your website when you really have to do very little to earn it?

Here are five of the best Affiliate Marketing forums you should be aware of.

1. 5 Star Affiliate Program Forum. If you have never explored affiliate programs before, this may be where you want to start.  It is overflowing with information to teach you how to make your program grow and generate income.  There are threads which can motivate you and teach you the in’s and out’s of promoting products.  It is a laid-back atmosphere which also features a chat room like an area where you can go to chat with other affiliates and ask questions that they may have the answer too.

2. Wicked Fire. This place may not be for everyone.  It is reported to be rowdy and often filled with foul language, but the fact remains that is a strong program and you can get an education in affiliate marketing like no other.  It is also a community within a community where members can buy or sell from each other such things as tools, websites and other products.  Warning: this may not be for everyone

3. Associate Program at Created by a master affiliate, this site is a comfortable place where members can seek advice, tips and learn in an almost educational like setting.  You can talk with other affiliates, exchange ideas and even learn how to do it yourself website building and help when you get stuck on a problem

4. SEO Chat. is not as well known as some of the other sites, but there is an abundance of educational information available there.  It is not as well organized as some of the other chats and forums listed here, but it is still worth the time and effort to explore all that is there.

5. This site has a lot to offer.  It does not, however, have that many numbers in the membership column.  It does have its good points though, such as an entire category about how to start and continue an affiliate site, commission tips, and suggestions and an entire area devoted exclusively to website promotion.

Follow these platforms and you will do great!

There are many affiliate sites online.  Just type it in the search bar and you may be surprised at the number of sites listed.  These are the top five sites that were found doing just that and gives you a wide range of different styles and functions to choose from.  The future is very bright for affiliate marketers, or so the experts say.  Perhaps now is a good time to check them out.