Software for the Jewellery Business Is Needed to Keep the Business’ Critical Data


When it comes to jewelry businesses, Suntech is not the decision makers, they are the precision mjewelryh jewellery, each facet must be perfect in every detail before the final appearance. Suntech is inspired by the dexterity of the art of jewellery making and they have created the software which is developed and designed to meet all the requirements of the jewellery industry.

Jewellery ERP Software

While the decision of the business still remains solely in the hands of the owners and managers of the departments, Suntech’s Jewellery ERP Software provides for the numbers that allow decision-makers to be able to make the right decision. When any company can enhance the performance of their core business together with insightful and timely views, it enables them to meet all requirements of gold and diamond industry including wholesale, retail, and manufacturing.This package of software leverages solutions to manage critical data and streamline all processes to shape a better future for these businesses.

Timely data

The perfection of crafting a jewel lies in varied facets that make up its existence.Any business is based on the timely data to make business decisions and knowing what your customers need and want.With large amounts of investment in inventory, a jewelry business needs to be aware of:

  • What is working for them
  • Information about their bestsellers
  • What stock is earning revenues
  • What markup you have in stock
  • Aging of the items that are lying in the store
  • Trends customers are in the stores looking for

It can be exhausting to get all this updated information instantaneously without software that is specially developed and designed for this business. Keeping up with the necessities of the ever-changing jewelry industry in mind, our comprehensive jewelry software covering all aspects of your business including retail, wholesale, manufacturing, and bullion. In order to keep a track of all the day to day activities going on in your organization, this software can work on all aspects of the business. The software is packaged with value chains and modules such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale trading
  • Retail Store Management
  • Bullion
  • Refinery
  • Accounting
  • RFID/Barcoding
  • Outsource Jobwork
  • MIS & Analytical Reporting

Size is never a barrier for Suntech. They are able to work for multiple-sized customers from single shops to multi-branch, multi-country, and diamonds as well as metals.

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