Implementing Technology, How it Changed the Courier Industry


We often hear people saying that the world is a small place, but sometimes do not grasp the sense of such assertion. Well! Considering the fact that it’s possible to send a message anywhere in the world instantly or travel from one end to the other within just two days, the world is a small place. All thanks to technology implemented in the travel and courier industry. Parcel delivery in the Netherlands today can arrive within a single day from as far as the Ukraine.

Every business has priorities in the pursuit of their objectives which in one way or another revolves around customer satisfaction. For the courier industry, customer satisfaction has to do with providing high-quality services in the delivery of products – better methods of processing, faster and on-time delivery, safe handling, and tracking are things that affect customer satisfaction with that the efficiency and reliability of a courier company.

Finding methods of increasing customer satisfaction, the courier industry is using technology to revolutionise the manner in which it provides services. Technology today allows the tracking of packages from one collection point to another. Clients can know by logging in online, where exactly is their package.

Using a combination of planes, ships, rail, and road transport combined with technology, the courier industry is able to optimise the best routes for faster delivery. Aided by sophisticated back-office applications, routes are planned and delivery time calculated with a margin of error of no more one to two hours. The aim for the future is the use of drones that will reduce further the margin of error for delivery to just a few minutes and also reach isolated locations.

The use of scanners and computers have allowed better efficiency in the processing of packages. Each package can be readily identified and processed. Some courier companies are also eliminating human errors with the introduction of computerised machine sorting and handling in warehouses.

Technology has not only revolutionised how packages are handled and dispatched to reach its destination offering more clarity, traceability, and time management, but it has also revolutionised how such systems integrate and communicate within a company and with associates.

The use of the internet, mobile phones, and other information technology methods have allowed companies to instantly send and receive messages within the company, and with third parties, thus making courier companies more efficient.

The internet also helps clients to decide which companies provide quality services with great offers and great prices. A parcel to France cost can be verified on the internet and compared with different courier companies for the best quote.

It’s hard to imagine that just a few years back, it would have been very hard for the courier industry to send a parcel from one country to another within just a single day. Today, that can be taken for granted. There is still, however, lots of room for improvement, and everything depends on the advancement of technology and its adaptation in various industry sectors and obviously the courier industry.

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