How to Market Heating and Air Companies to Grow Your HVAC Business


Gone are the days where direct mail would bring customers into your business. Marketing for HVAC must be done the same as marketing for anything else. HVAC is a very competitive industry. A residential customer is said to be worth at least $5000 and in some cases even more. Commercial customers can be worth $10,000. Not doing digital marketing as well as online advertising could mean all this money is going to your competitors. Being able to be seen on search engines is a crucial way to get customers in an environment that is this competitive.

Search engine optimization

This means that search engine optimization or SEO for heating and air companies is an asset that is needed to grow any business. An SEO Consultant can combine social media and online digital marketing to help your HVAC business grow. They will have ideas needed to be done to attract new customers and to let old customers know you are still around.

SEO is done correctly

First and most important is doing SEO correctly. This is not a job for one of your employees who also have other responsibilities. Years ago, this could be done but today; search algorithms are quite sophisticated so for your company to show up on search engines, a lot of work needs to be done. It is best to find a good marketing firm that does SEO full time.

Mobile users

Don’t forget to target mobile users so you need to make certain that your website is optimized for mobile customers. It needs to look good on all smartphones as well as all search engines.

Social media

Digital marketing for heating, air conditioning, and ventilation, with social media, is important. Facebook ads and social search go a long way to generate leads and sales. Add to digital marketing the use of video in all marketing campaigns. This is one of the most effective tools to broaden your online presence and they are not as expensive as they have been in the past.

More ideas

A good SEO optimization company can assess your analytics helping to create a targeted plan for you to grow sales. There are more ideas here about how to market your HVAC business.

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