Four Awesome Types of Video Content That Marketers Can Include on their Websites


In an era where people are watching video like never before, marketers and business have a great incentive to hop on the visual bandwagon sooner rather than later.

Why does video matter so much, though? Platforms such as YouTube and Facebook Live represent some of the most-watched and engaging content on the web, with billions of people consuming mass amounts of video on a daily basis. Based on current video marketing statistics, visual content matters so much to marketers because it ticks the following boxes:

  • It’s entertaining for consumers, especially for those who aren’t exactly thrilled with reading through a traditional blog post or piece of marketing content
  • Video is friendly to mobile-devices and people on the go, not eager to endlessly scroll to get the information they’re hungry for
  • Visual content is time-efficient as viewers are informed at a glance and requires less effort to consume

Think that video content is too complicated and out of your reach? Think again. With the help of various tools and resources out there, there’s already so much video content you can start implementing on-site today regardless of how tech savvy you may or may not be.


Homepage videos are all the rage right now for companies looking to tell their stories or explain what their brands are all about in a matter of seconds. Custom animated videos for your business are a creative way to tell such tales to your audience and captivate visitors as soon as they land on-site. Whereas someone might sleep on a blog post or long piece of text, these videos essentially inform your audience in an instant.

How-To’s and Tutorials

Similarly, videos are among some of the most powerful pieces of educational content out there. After all, when people seek out businesses, it’s almost always because they’re facing some sort of problem or pain point. While blogs and written content are important for SEO, videos again are time-efficient and easier for people to digest.

Also, videos are so powerful for education because they play by the rule of “show, don’t tell.” Step-by-step how-to’s and tutorials are a great supplement to any company blog regardless of your industry.

Company Bios and Employee Videos

Most businesses could benefit from showing off the personalities of their teams. Company bios do exactly that as you showcase what your workers are all about and that you represent a group of people versus just a cash-grab operation. Whether it’s individual bios for each of your employees or a company-wide “behind the scenes” video, such clips are a great way to make that ever-so-imporant personal connection with visitors.

And if you don’t want to create specific bios, consider also implementing some of your social media video content from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram on-site. Want to show off a day at the office? Have an employee interested in hosting a Q&A session? Businesses today have no shortage of options to show off their teams and should embrace those opportunities accordingly.

Client and Customer Testimonials

Finally, don’t neglect the need to build trust on-site to seal the deal with anyone who might be skeptical of your business. Leveraging testimonial videos is the perfect way to signal that you can produce positive results and aren’t just another face in the crowd. The more testimonials and positive feedback you can score, the better.

Video content will only become more and more important to marketers as it continues to overtake the web at large. By investing in video now and understanding your options, you can start grabbing the attention of more views ASAP.

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