Common Mistakes Rookie VaperMake


Are you thinking of switching to Vaping but you’re confused with all the additional setup and components? Many beginners find it as a tedious task to choose the perfect Vape or learn how their devices work and what to look out for from different products on the market. Many smokers have tried switching Vaping but turn back to smoking because they make some mistakes.

Below in this article, we will be looking at some of the mistakes beginners make when trying to start Vaping.

1. Buying cheap Vaping products

To kick-start your Vaping game you need to buy an e-cigarette and at least one bottle of e-juice and replaceable coil. One thing you should note is that these products should be purchased from a trusted Vape shop. Many people fail to follow this advice and end up shocked when they don’t enjoy it because they cheap out and purchase terrible products. Furthermore, the chances are that these products haven’t been tested thoroughly, and you might end up injuring yourself because they might explode or catch on fire. So, try and invest some bucks and you’ll find that it will be well worth it.

2. Choosing the Wrong E-Liquid

You may have seen the different types of e-liquid flavors available to you at Vape shops and online. So, if you are a beginner, try not to jump to a hasty conclusion just yet. You can get a full deep flavor if you like the taste of traditional cigarettes. Some of those fruit or candy flavors you see might not be satisfying, so its better you look for a reliable tobacco Vape to get you started. Then, once you are comfortable with it, you can then move to more exotic flavors.

3. Not Understanding E-cig Batteries when you’re New to Vaping

One of the most important components of an e-cigarette is the battery. So, it’s essential you learn about them and also have some basic understanding of how they work so that you can make the right purchase and get a long-lasting battery.

4. Not maintaining your coil properly

One of the reasons why beginners get a burnt taste while they Vaping are due to the coil; typically coils need changing every few weeks. If you burn out your coil (meaning vaping all of the liquid), then be ready to experience dry ‘dry inhale’ which will cause you unpleasant taste in your mouth.

5. Forgetting to drink water

Cottonmouth is arguably one of the Vaping side effects. If you’re used to Vaping, you will notice you often get dry mouth when you fail to drink water. This is why you need to drink as much water as you possibly can during the day, for you to combat cotton mouth.

So, as a beginner, we hope you find this useful, and you won’t allow all the terms and procedures scare you. Vaping can sound intimidating to the novice, and every pro has been there! It’s not rocket science! All you need to do is read the instructions, ask questions, and start enjoying your Vape clouds. So, if you need more info and tips about Vaping, kindly visit which is a recognized website in the Vaping world.

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