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7 Questions to ask when seeking web hosting services


Are you in search of a new web host? That is a tough experience considering the availability of various hosting firms. Avoid downtime and poor customer support services. They can wreck your business. That is a huge risk because of the stiff competition in the online market. Before contracting a hosting firm, make inquiries. Ask the web host the following questions. Carefully gauge the answers.

Time in business

Ask about the period the company has been in business. Dealing with a new business is not a good idea. They offer attractive deals and advertise their services just to gain clients. Their services will cause you to struggle being online. Prefer an enterprise that has stayed in business for the longest time. Its cloud server hosting services will be great and reliable.

Experience of the technicians

Inquire about the experience of the technicians. If the technicians have more experience in delivering hosting services, give them a chance. Experience advances the skills and the expertise of the IT specialists. They will offer knowledgeable solutions to any problem their clients encounter. Relying on inexperienced technicians is a risk. Their services are unreliable.


Ask if there is any difficulty in upgrading to a bigger package. After a while, the traffic in your website will start increasing. You will need more hosting size package, bandwidth, and space. The web host should give you a guide on what to expect when you upgrade. A company with lenient hosting services upgrade rules is dependable. It will encourage growth due to its flexibility.

Set up fees

Ask if the enterprise charges set up fee. Normally most companies ask their clients for 20 or 50 dollars. However, there are companies that would not impose this fee on their clients. It is possible to get a price cut by bargaining with a dedicated server hosting provider that charges for setting up. Since most of their competitors never charge, there is a chance they can offer a discount.


The firms providing cheap dedicated server unlimited bandwidth of a specific amount for every website. The bandwidth for starting websites is always sufficient. However, when the traffic steadily increases, more bandwidth will be needed. The companies will charge for the extra bandwidth needed. This question will assist you in planning for the future growth of the website. Pick a firm with a fair price.

Availability of support

Most hosting firms would claim they offer customer support 24/7. That is never true since most companies can hardly be found even during the day. Dealing with such websites is a huge problem. Whenever your website is down, getting help will be difficult. Ask the company the times they are available. Try their contacts several times to test their support services before selecting them.


Ask about the number of servers the hosting providers has. Apart from that inquire about the number of clients on every server. Seek this info from various hosting companies. Acquire hosting services from a company whose servers have the least number of websites. The speed of those servers is high.

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