5 Signs Your Employees Need New Training


It’s not always obvious when your employees need new training, and sometimes the hints can be subtle. It’s always good to take an objective look at the state of your business and decide whether it’s time for company-wide or department-specific training.

Whether it’s keeping employees compliant with rules and regulations or teaching them new ways of performing old tasks, continual training is a crucial step that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Key Indicators Are Dropping

One key indicator that your employees need new training is that profits are either just maintaining or are going down. Another marker is that efficiency numbers are dropping. If efficiency is staying the same that’s generally fine, but when it starts to decline it’s time to act.

Pinpointing exactly where they need to be re-trained can be tricky. Often it’s a matter of trial and error until you stumble upon the problem. From there you’ll usually notice an uptick in efficiency and profits once they re-learn what they already knew or put a new method into practice.

Employee Morale Is Low

Taking the temperature of your employee morale is important so that you can uncover problems before they turn into something bigger. Your employees should be eager to do their jobs in the best possible way, and work hard for the company. One way to build morale is to schedule team-building events that gets everyone working together and interacting more.

While these non-work activities might not seem like training, you’re teaching them to build interpersonal skills with each other that will help oil the machine and make it run more smoothly.

Higher Turnover Rate

If you’ve noticed that you’re having trouble keeping good employees for the long-term, it could be because they’re not able to do their job well and move on to the promise of a better workplace. You need to empower your employees with a sense that they’re good at their job or you’ll find they don’t stick around.

One way to do that is to give them ongoing training so they feel like they’re doing things the right way instead of in an antiquated way. They will feel current and relevant and feel like they’re contributing to the overall success of the company.

Employees Reporting Unhappiness

If your employees are saying that they’re not happy it could be that they don’t have the skills needed to do their job the way they feel they’re capable of. Contrary to popular belief, employees want to do well and excel, but often they are not used to the best of their abilities.

Find out what latent abilities your employees have and see if there’s a way they could apply these to new duties within their same role, or in an expanded role. Challenging them to be their best selves will reap big dividends for all involved.

It’s Been Awhile Since Their Last Training

Even if none of the above signs pertain to your employees, if it’s been too long since their last training they should get a refresher as a preventive measure. Training is not something you do once and you’re done forever, it must be incorporated into your overall business model so your company is always growing and expanding.

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